Our actions don’t affect us because we are not professionals

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Saying you believe in your own potential and in the quality of what you do or create is a huge measure of your own success and value. The rest is proving it. This is true when you want to improve everyday of your professional life and it is damn difficult to prove it. Bottom line is that no one takes your word for it, you have to prove it by showing your potential and quality, therefor your success and value.

Nothing is more a reflection of this than it’s exact opposite. If you say you don’t believe your own quality and potential people around you will take that for granted! No one needs prove of the lack of value, quality or success of someone that says it! Everyone will take your word for it!

Now transpose this to a reality where money is involved, let’s say, for some reason, I’m talking about the flash game market reality. The portals want to buy content at the lowest possible cost, which is only natural. The developers want to sell that content for the highest possible margin.

Portals do their best to have a professional behavior. Portals excel at saying they are good and to prove it. Obviously if it’s proven, we all know they are or at least they do their best to be.

But I just read that developers are not professionals said by a developer and the context of this is unprofessional behavior. What I read (and it’s just my opinion) is that the developers as a whole have a low potential, low quality and that they do it for the love of games. A developer said it… no need to prove it.

Even if one developer thinks that his unprofessional behavior won’t affect him because he is not a professional, it will, hard but I’m not worried at all. What worries me is that it is extended to the whole flash developers present in that community as if it was cool not to be professional. The value of the whole community will lower if that mentality spreads, thus lowering the potential for margin. Professional developers will do their best to prove they are not part of the pack, and probably will manage to do so, but the idea that actions don’t affect hobbyist developers will at least affect all hobbyist developers, some of them amazingly talented.

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Posted: February 24th, 2010
at 11:04am by Vlad

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