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Dear Spammers

I understand that you want traffic on your website. I understand that with the amount of anti-spamming tools available your life can be pretty dull and even hard. The thing is that this blog has a anti-spamming tool and the ones that it doesn’t catch must be approved by us. One of the options is to trash your comment, the other is to spam it. When we spam it we will never see another comment from you since the blog software will consider each and every post of yours as spam. So the million dollar question is:

Why bother?!

It’s not really a big annoyance to us really and I’m not even upset. What I’m trying to understand is why. This is 2012 already and it doesn’t make much sense telling us time and time again that you love our posts because we (and the rest of the geek/techy/nerd world) know that you didn’t even read it so…

Why bother?

I’m not looking for an answer, I just find it somewhat funny and decided that since the stuff I want to write about is somewhat cloudy right, I could giggle a bit at your expense. Will be even funnier if some of you actually spam saying that you really love our posts.

Posted: February 2nd, 2012
at 9:38am by Vlad

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