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Presenting Francisco Furtado

Hi everyone, long time no see. Vlad here!

We never had one person to take care of our sound effects and music. Sometimes we hired, sometimes we got some sound packs and both me and Marco have made some music for some of our stuff. But the truth is that we were never 100% satisfied with the results.

When Marco was producing Hajime, we had the opportunity to work with Francisco Furtado. The result was amazing. Hajime is a much better game with all that vibrant music and amazing sound design. We spoke about future games and projects and Francisco agreed to cooperate with us.

After Hajime came The Adventures of Dear Explorer and with it a fantastic work and environment was created from the dungeons and sound and music carved in each wall, skeleton, boss… it’s almost unfair that we don’t let the rest of the world know about Francisco’s work. It is truly a work of love and high quality.

So I invite you all to visit his page at Bandcamp: where you can check the OST for both games and much more.

Cheers and thanks Francisco, hope we can do more and more of these.

Talk to you all soon,
Vlad out!

Posted: June 30th, 2011
at 3:27pm by Vlad

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