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Introducing Atomik Kaos 3 Crystals

Hi everyone, Vlad here.

Time for a new game (actually two new games, more on that later August) and this time we follow our cutest franchise: Atomik Kaos! I could tell you much about it but it’s not 100% ready although it should be up for licensing in a couple of days.

Without further delay, here’s a video… by Marco!

Posted: July 22nd, 2011
at 2:44pm by Vlad

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Atomik Kaos Mechanic Post Mortem


Original AK Logo

Original AK Logo

This is really weird to write… because… Atomik Kaos, the original, was a bit of an accident. The whole design was ad-hoc without any kind of formalism. Each token was designed as it was needed.


So what worked and what didn’t mechanics wise?


1. The twist to the chain reaction genre: let’s face it, it’s a genre where A LOT can be done. Most games are about either angles or position of the game tokens. Atomik Kaos picked up in both angles and position. Angles by putting that variable attached to each token type; position by randomizing each token in the level.

2. Variety: here’s something that often lacks to these games. As far as I can remember only Starshine offers some variety. A bunch of special tokens were created for this game. They couldn’t be played directly but rather activated by the chains.

3. Goals: Each level had a different goal. Either destroying everything, destroying part of something, not destroying more than an amount and others. Sometimes it was just a matter of words and the rules underneath were the same.

Didn’t work

1. Black Holes are special atoms that suck up chain reaction particles. People just hated it and my guess is that it was not for the negative impact, as there are more negative tokens, but because it was not absolutely obvious how the black holes were sucking the particles.

2. Randomness and luck factor: I don’t believe that Atomik Kaos is a luck based game, quite the opposite. Problem is I’m not my audience and I played it a lot, something most if not all players won’t do. So the random factor of the game became a luck factor for the players and this worked as a downside of the game since on one hand it was frustrating, on the other hand it made the game too easy.

Posted: March 14th, 2009
at 12:00am by Vlad

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Atomik Kaos 2 Released



I’m really happy to to inform everyone that Atomik Kaos 2 codename Orbits was released yesterday at Armor Games, the primary license holder of the game.

It was the first time we ever did a sequel and it reflects the opinions that players around the world expressed regarding the original Atomik Kaos.

I hereby invite you all to play it.

If you have a portal and wish to license the game non-exclusively, feel free to contact us through the contact form.

Posted: March 12th, 2009
at 12:00am by Vlad

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