Self Published Games

Atomik Kaos 2 Orbits

Category: Flash Game
Genre: Puzzle
Sponsored by: Armor Games
Release date: March 2009 

Atomik Kaos 2 follows the footsteps of the original award winning game. Designed to eliminate the random and luck factors, AK2 delivers extreme high quality graphics and gameplay. A must-play for all puzzle-lovers.

Play it at Armor Games!

Lucy Swashbuckler and the Mystery Masks
Lucy Swashbuckler and the Mystery Masks

Category: Flash Game
Genre: Puzzle
Sponsored by: Candystand
Release date: February 2009 

Lucy Swashbuckler and the Mystery Masks is an IP originally created by us for the casual download market. Easy to play, defies logic and sometimes… patience.

Play it at Candystand!

Atomik Kaos

Category: Flash Game
Genre: Chain Reaction
Sponsored by: Spill Games
Release date: September 2008

Atomik Kaos is a surprise in many ways. Designed to be a twist to the chain reaction genre, it ended up by being an extraordinary success all over the Internet.

Prizes: Daily 3rd at Newgrounds, Weekly 3rd at Kongregate

Play it at!


Touch my Neon Balls

Category: Flash Game
Genre: Multiplayer
Sponsored by: Non-Commercial
Release date: September 2008

Touch my Neon Balls was an experiment with Nonoba’s Multiplayer API.

Play it at Nonoba!


Tech Wars

Category: Flash Game
Genre: Action/Shooter
Sponsored by: Arcade Reign
Release date: August 2008

A dirty and mean claustrophobic shooter and also our first flash game.

Play it at Arcade Reign!


Balloon Bliss

Category: PC Game
Genre: Marble Popper
Distributed by: Big Fish Games and iWin
Release date: March 2008

Our very first commercial game and the hardest one to create. Balloon Bliss is a cute game that defies gravity and hand-eye coordination.

Download it at Big Fish Games or iWin.

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