Flash Collab Projects

Palisade Guardian

Developed by: Mark Loika
Genre: First Person Shooter
Sponsored by: Armor Games
Release date: April 2009

Palisade Guardin is a flash 2D FPS game with rendered 3D graphics. Confused? It is one of those projects where superb design meets art direction and a higly motivated coder and everything and everyone move in the same direction. The result description can be somewhat confusing, but play it and you’ll notice otherwise.

Play it at Armor Games!


Developed by: Huskarl Games
Genre: Racing
Sponsored by: Minijuegos
Release date: October 2008

Skidpan was our first collaboration project. It’s a “beat the lap” racing car that features a unique aspect: one of the cars has customizable physics.

Play it at Minijuegos!

Posted: February 28th, 2009
at 6:27pm by Vlad



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