Contract Projects

Mold Rush

Mold Rush was a game developed with Aardman Animations for Cartoon Network’s Chowder IP. Our work involved mostly code and a couple of production and design tasks. Mold Rush is a quick action game where the objective is to pick food and run from (or squash in case you find the big hammer) mold.

Play it at Cartoon Network!


Crunchball 3000

Developed by: Ben Olding Games
Genre: Fight/Sports
Sponsored by: Armor Games
Release date: May 2009

A brilliant game! Based on the retro Speedball 2, Ben Olding brings us a game that is half violence, half sport, full fun. Don’t you dare wasting a chance to play it.

Play it at Armor Games!


Orion’s Belt is a browser-based tactical space MMO that features an immense persistent universe and a board game as a battlefield. The immense quality of the original award winning game evolved naturally to the current sequel in which we are proud to have participated by creating graphic assets.

Almansur is a browser-based medieval -and often fantasy- strategy MMO that features a rich economical, political and battle universe where players raise their ranks and choose their path to conquer the world.

Posted: February 28th, 2009
at 6:50pm by Vlad



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