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2012 Update

Hi everyone, Vlad here.

Yeah, I know… long time, no writing. 2011 started great, didn’t finish that well for a lot of reasons, mostly unrelated to Vortix but we are catching up and have some stuff rolling. Here’s a quick update.

As you might have noticed in the last post Marco and Pedro are working on some cool stuff that involves kicking, punching and 3D!

In the meantime I’ve been messing around with some cool stuff too. First and on top of our priorities is a new game that if it is as fun to play as it is challenging to put, should be a great game. I’ll post my thoughts on some of the challenges we will face as we walk the dev path.

But that’s not all… Doing R&D has become almost a hobby of mine. Weird to have a hobby that involves coding when I’m not coding but it’s fun and I admit that I like to maintain codebase and have codebits ready to evolve when needed.

I’ve played around with client-server stuff, dual-screen stuff, multi-platform stuff. Right now multi-platform is my main focus and haXe and NME the weapons of choice. This means that I have a lot of duplicated code but it’s getting pretty!

And this is the quick (or not) update and the promise of more blog posts with less interval.

Posted: January 23rd, 2012
at 8:16pm by Vlad

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Presenting Francisco Furtado

Hi everyone, long time no see. Vlad here!

We never had one person to take care of our sound effects and music. Sometimes we hired, sometimes we got some sound packs and both me and Marco have made some music for some of our stuff. But the truth is that we were never 100% satisfied with the results.

When Marco was producing Hajime, we had the opportunity to work with Francisco Furtado. The result was amazing. Hajime is a much better game with all that vibrant music and amazing sound design. We spoke about future games and projects and Francisco agreed to cooperate with us.

After Hajime came The Adventures of Dear Explorer and with it a fantastic work and environment was created from the dungeons and sound and music carved in each wall, skeleton, boss… it’s almost unfair that we don’t let the rest of the world know about Francisco’s work. It is truly a work of love and high quality.

So I invite you all to visit his page at Bandcamp: where you can check the OST for both games and much more.

Cheers and thanks Francisco, hope we can do more and more of these.

Talk to you all soon,
Vlad out!

Posted: June 30th, 2011
at 3:27pm by Vlad

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Review of 2010

January 2011. Almost three hours after the third day of the year. What a nice time for a review. Problem is I don’t remember most of 2010. I have a bunch of random thoughts about this past year so better start with that…


Lot of stuff happened… Hajime finished and was sold, we worked on Warlords 2 and Async Racing with Ben Olding, we finished two major contracts and started a couple of other ones.

I must say that project wise I have split feelings. On one hand we did put a lot of stuff out. On the other hand most of our time was used with client IPs, which can be heaven or hell, but never our heaven or hell.

Couple of other small victories I reckon… not entirely relevant for the company has a whole.


I don’t know the exact figures of 2010 yet, but I’m pretty much sure we grew more than 100%. This would mean that 2010 was the year of our stability. While this is somewhat true it is not that black and white. Right now my predictions are that we will match 2010 in the 1st quarter of 2011 and still I’m not happy. My biggest concern is related to passive income. We have not yet found a way to have a steady passive income and the rest simply has too many variables, plus taxes…

Yes, 2010 was good, but we are growing and in a very decisive year in VGS, so we need to really be less dependant of overall market… stuff…

VGS Most Valuable Player

I bet we are the only company in the world with more than two people where 50% of the people are named Pedro Santos. While none of ‘our’ Pedro Santos are in fact and legaly employees of Vortix, both of them have the same spirit of the three guys that started up Vortix: they put their effort into something and make it happen, which is a rare thing nowadays. In my opinion ‘The Pedros’ share the MVP place in 2010.

The Flash Game Space MVP

I really have to make this special note here… There’s this Ben guy better known has benologist. He bootstrapped something we know as Playtomic, which is pretty much awesome and that I won’t describe because you either know it or you should follow the link. When devs were bitching and whinning about blocked links he put pressure on portals and created Portal Blacklist.

And still managed to release games… no doubt, my personal choice for Flash Game Space MVP.

And one last word

Marco, my partner, friend and brother. You are one in a million mate. If we find the other 6000 that are like you, we’ll rule the world! Keep up the good work! :)

Posted: January 3rd, 2011
at 3:23am by Vlad

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We are now on Facebook!

Oh the joy of having someone that is used to this kind of stuff! Pre and Marco spiced up a new Facebook page for Vortix Games! Check it out by clicking here!

Posted: October 13th, 2010
at 4:21pm by Vlad

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Give your warm welcome to Pre

Last monday was an important day for us. While Marco and Pedro were working on the final systems of Hajime, I had a nice day with Pre.

Pre is a great coder and a great example of a entrepreneur. We met him and two friends of his when they launched Orion’s Belt, a MMO browser game. The game got some visibility and won a some accolades and it resulted in getting the three of them contracted by a company to proceed with the game development of version 2. Marco did the graphics for the game’s 2nd version already as a Vortix Games gig.

I think everyone felt that sooner or later something would happen that involved people from Vortix and Orion’s Belt. It just did. Pre decided to make a big change in his life and pursue his own goals and business and started a project with us that has nothing to do with anything that anyone has seen from us. It is highly inspirational and motivational to find people that embrace risk, just like me, Marco and Diogo did and go for it. It is even more motivational because what we are trying to achieve is the original plan that brought Vortix Games together in the first place.

So give your warm welcome to Pre and wish him and us luck for the project ahead of us.

Posted: October 6th, 2010
at 1:44pm by Vlad

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