BADJ Day 19: So much stuff…

Nineteen days have gone… WOW! After getting full speed ahead for a number of days, I had a stop for a day… domestic stuff kicked in. A lot of work was finished in those quick days though.

With all physics and blit done, I went straight ahead into coding the level. First task was to look at what I had done previously and finding out… it would be easier to just start over, which I did! One very cool thing is that a Finite State Machine class I wrote earlier really proved its worth and is the base for all stuff in the level. I really have to go through how the level code is structured as soon as the dust settles down since right now a lot can change and it will probably make no sense.

One thing I had to change was the Manager class. Remember I mentioned a dependency to a specific class that put all in motion. That is easier to manage now.

But the really cool thing I did today was to quickly test a console class! I used Junkbyte’s Console 2.4 and I just love it! With it we will be able to change a lot of aspects in the game without recompiling.

What is happening right now? Visually? Not much, there’s a circle representing Bruce on screen. Code wise there’s a lot of stuff going on. For starters all the level classes (controller, factory, scene, blit, physics, etc) are created and doing their thing, so it’s just a matter of adding features to it. The state management system is just beautiful and it will save tons of work!

What is missing? Graphics and stuff getting kicked!

Posted: October 19th, 2010
at 12:29am by Vlad

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