BADJ Day 0: Let’s get rockin’!

Hi everyone

BADJ stands for Bruce Ali Dev Journal and today is day zero of our next game. We want to try a lot of new things with this game, some involve how we are organizing the team, others are related to our workflow, other’s to technical details.

But for people that follow us the single most important aspect is that we will be keeping this dev journal about it! :)

Today and since I’m still addressing project organization and other lame stuff, I’ll present the team. Simple stuff first: I will be in charge of code, Marco will be in charge of graphics. The other way around would be a sure failure!

But the similarities end here: for starters I will not be designing the game at all, Marco will. Historically I always picked up the design. After discussing it with Marco, we decided that the game designer should be a project related role, not a position. This game fits Marco way better, so Marco will be in charge of game design. This also solves other small details we weren’t happy with in the past.

The second difference is that sound and music will be a part of game development from day 0. We will not be thinking about how many loops the game will need, what fits, what doesn’t, what are the effects we need to get, and so on. To do that we are collaborating with David Carney of DVGMusic. This is new to us but we have a feeling that doing it like this will be a major difference since we are preparing some very cool stuff.

Welcome aboard David!

Wish us luck, I’ll return on day 1 (which can be tomorrow or Monday… you know… weekend and stuff… and excitment!) with whatever happens.

Posted: September 17th, 2010
at 3:32pm by Vlad

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