How to get the most out of your smartphone when it comes to gaming

Smartphone gaming is incredibly popular all around the world and smartphones themselves have become much more powerful with the ability to play much more complex games. You can play anything from a space shooter game with lots of graphics to online blackjack where every move could mean winning the jackpot or losing it all. So which phone will allow you to do the most when playing games?

If you are in Apple fan then fear not because the latest iPhone is still one of the best phones on the market for playing games as well as many other things. This is because, like every iPhone, they designed both the operating system and the phone to work together seamlessly to create a smooth experience that everybody can enjoy, including gamers.

Everyone knows that power is incredibly important when playing games as your phone needs to be able to render everything. Screen space is also incredibly important as you need to be able to see everything that is happening in the game in order to play the game. For this reason you might want to look at the Samsung Galaxy note 3 as it has a 5.7 inch screen which is larger than the Nexus five.

If you don’t want to splash out on a mega expensive phone then the Moto G is perfect. It has a modern design and has a strong battery life. The screen is 4.5 inches and you can even buy different shells for the phone to match whatever outfit you want to wear. With so many choices on the smartphone market it is definitely worth checking out which is best for all your needs.

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Best iPhone for games

With the increasing technologies of the last years it’s very hard to find the right iPhone device, simply because each single iPhone can offer amazing options and excellent operating system.

Generally, using an iPhone is not that much different than using an iPod Touch or an iPad running the same operating system, such as iOS. But how can you understand what kind of iPhone is the best one for you? everyone has their own exigencies and expectations. Many people look at iPhones for the possibility that they can have to play games. Actually, the newest iPhone devices allow users to easily access game platforms and to download and install several games.


iPhone features to play games


So, if you are in the Apple fan and you want to get a new iPhone to play games in a more confident and easier way, you can have a look at a few iPhone models, such as the Apple iPhone 5s. This model is featured with a fast processor and a long lasting battery that are both 2 helpful things if you mean to play games.

The Apple iPhone 5c is the cheaper version of the 5s: it comes with a more affordable plastic case and lacks the upgraded features of the 52.

Anyways, both these 2 iPhone models can allow you to enjoy a large number of online games, such as slots and other arcade games.


Slots games from iPhone


Playing games from an iPhone is surely easier than one would think. You have to simply search for your favorite game and download it on your device. Then you have to install it and start to play. Among all the games you could think to play, online slots are definitely the easier and funnier.

First off, think about a nice colorful slot game like Bejeweled 2: an attractive layout with a simple intuitive option system. Everyone in the world would be able to play it!

Play bejeweled 2 at Ladbrokes online games to try the amazing world of Bejeweled 2: colors and gems in 5 vertical and 5 horizontal lines for each reel where sparklingly colored jewels appear in combination. Slot game are actually very easy to play, they don’t require any particular rule and they can be played at any time. Moreover, spinning a wheel doesn’t take more than a few clicks and seconds, so you can play and quit the game as you like.

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Gaming on Spectrum

Most of today’s gamers don’t remember how gaming on ZX Spectrum looked like. That’s not really surprising, since most of them weren’t even born in those days. Those who do, remember it with with a sense of nostalgia and get all misty-eyed when someone mentions it.

Back then, in the early eighties, things were different. Not only hardware – the whole gaming philosophy was different. First off, you had to get all the equipment that was necessary: a TV set, preferably in color (yeah, I know it’s hard to imagine, but back then, black and white TV sets were still around), a tape player, because audio cassettes were used as a data storage device, a screwdriver for adjusting playback head, and, of course, a ZX Spectrum.

When you successfully connected all the components, in order to load a game, you had to type a “load” command, and play the tape. It would take about five minutes for a game to load – depending on how complex it was. Then, all you had to do is to figure out which buttons to use (since Spectrum’s keyboard had no arrow keys), and the fun could begin.


Troubles and Difficulties

This, of course, is just theory. In reality, things were a bit harder – as you know, audio cassettes lose some of the quality of the recording every time when they are duplicated, and because of that, games would often fail to load properly, which was very frustrating indeed. That’s when the screwdriver would come in handy, and if you were adept enough, a simple twist or two on the playback head would often save the day.


Beating the Odds

When I compare games that we play today with the ones we played on Spectrum, the greatest difference between them that comes into my mind is not the complexity of the graphics, the design, or the story – it’s that the games in those days were harder, much harder to beat. Today, it is common to assume that, when you start playing a game, you will finish it in a matter of hours.

On Spectrum – you really had to earn your victory, and when you managed to do so, it would be a day to remember. There were no saves, no cheats, no difficulty options – just you against the machine, in a battle that was far from fair. The odds were never even by far at your side, and  you had to win the entire battle in one attempt. Almost like in real life.

Today, there are very few Spectrums left that actually work, so younger generations will probably never know what Spectrum’s rubber keyboard feels like beneath the fingertips. But, not all is lost for those who seek to taste the adventure – luckily, there are plenty of websites that offer emulations of those very games, so they can enjoy them on their PC’s. For those seeking a more modern thrill, you can always try the amazing cosmik casino affiliation programs.

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Take up that spare time – with fun

OK, you have some time on your hands. It’s not time you planned on, more like a snippet of time that is an inconvenience more than a luxury. You know the deal; you’re caught in a waiting room, an airport terminal or (oops) a boring meeting room. It’s almost like time you’d rather not have. But it’s there, so you deal with it. There are plenty of options, particularly if you have a mobile device and online access. You could surf over to The Gamer Access and check out all of the news and reviews of the latest games for your favorite platform. But there are of course other options, those involving online software platforms that offer something quick, easy and less time consuming than the PlayStation game you use at home.



A few clicks to fun

Yep, there are plenty of gaming options online, and many of them are seemingly tailored to that small bit of spare time you might have. Take the online casino, for instance. With your mobile device and internet access, you are just a few clicks (or taps) away from a few hands of poker or blackjack, a spin of a roulette wheel or a pull of a slots lever. You can even cash in, if you like. Just a little spare time is one of the reasons internet casinos are so popular. People can not only play them at home, but anywhere they have a tablet or smartphone and online access. Naturally casino gaming has been around for centuries, and for good reason. Casino games have held their popularity down through the years simply because they are such fun. After all, the notion of placing a wager on the next card, number, or roll of the dice has built entire cites (see Las Vegas). When casino gaming went outside of the traditional brick-and-mortar venue and into the online world, its popularity grew exponentially. Now millions of people play everywhere, and the online casino industry has become a multi-billion-dollar phenomenon that is growing every day.

Popularity breeds competition

With the growth in the popularity of online casino gaming has come hundreds of casino websites and big-time competition. Every casino looks for an edge, by offering lucrative bonuses, software that makes it easy for users of any device, and a variety of payment/withdrawal systems. These websites even provide tips and strategies for playing particular games. And many of the slots games take much the same interesting thematic approaches that games on your home-based console take. For a good example of how these games work, you can read more here. There are plenty of advantages to playing a casino game online. The time factor is one, and the cash-in factor is another – you might as well have a chance at a return on your game play. But the obvious advantage is the fun. Anyone who has sat in on a friendly game of poker knows this. In fact, the friend factor adds to the fun. How cool is it to be able to play a few hands with a friend from across town or on the other side of the globe? And getting a friend to play on your site can get even more in cash or points bonuses. Just read more here to get an idea of the features the sites offer.

About the only thing that has kept the online casino industry from getting a bigger piece of the cyber pie is the law. You see, legislatures haven’t quite caught up to the popularity of online gambling and have left us with a mish-mash of laws. Not that players seem concerned; few people are worried that the suits will appear because they’ve deposited 10 bucks to play a low-limit game. But websites have plenty of restrictions for people who don’t live in places where online gambling is legal and regulated. But most anyone can read more here to get info on who can play and who can’t. And nobody keeps a player from playing for free. Legal or not, online casinos provide a good option for filling in that spare time with a little fun.

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Palisade Guardian – the new instalment

Our good friend Mark Loika has made available the beta version of Palisade Guardian 3, a game I had the pleasure of making the art for.

I must say its my favorite of the 3. The guns feel really nice and the overall tone of the game is really my thing. It was a really fun project and I hope you all enjoy playing it.

Try it here:

Marco (from VGS)


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